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Lyme No More


If it hadn't been for True Focus and True Rife I shudder to think where I would be health wise right now. Several years ago I got two tick bites on different occasions. One bite I treated like an infection. It healed but I was dragging through the day with severe fatigue and flu like symptoms. One afternoon as I was combing my hair I found a tick embedded in the back of my neck. When we couldn't remove it I ended up in ER where it was removed. A positive report came back confirming Lyme Disease. I was given a 10 day dose of antibiotics and was told the Lyme would be gone. I was so naive and did no research on the subject of Lyme disease because I believed the doctors knew what they were doing.


Eight years later I began to itch in my upper body which then spread to my entire upper back and shoulders with large burning stings. By this time I went to True Focus and worked with Aksana. She confirmed that I still had Lyme disease and that I was infected more than once. My rash spread so doctors put me on steriods which made it worse. I finally realized that Aksana was right in explaining the symptoms of Lyme which is what was happening to me. She told me the True Rife machine would be the solution for me. I was able to use a True Rife for a short time before we decided to buy one for ourselves.


Now a year later I am Lyme Free! We are true believers in the True Rife! I will be forever grateful for receiving the truth about Lyme Disease and an effective treatment from True Focus Health.


Judy - Cloverdale, IN


After suffering 4 years with unexplainable debilitating symptoms, I was relieved to receive a lyme disease confirmation through Electral Dermal Screening. It wasn't until I met Dr. Joseph and Aksana Catado that I finally began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After following their recommendations to the letter for 10 months, including using a rife machine, mineral IV therapy, essential oils, nutrition, emotional support and Standard Enzyme Products that the lyme disease was no longer detectable.  Their expertise in creating a gentler detoxification experience and their availability and encouragement made a world of difference in my healing journey. I highly recommend their care and feel blessed to have found them!

Eileen A. 

Children's Health Advocate