If a visit to our offices isn't practical, a Hair/Saliva Test may be the most practical way to proceed. Simply download, print and fill out the two PDF

Instructions for Hair/Saliva Test

Download, print and fill out the Analysis and Membership PDF documents. You can mail these to us with your sample.


Be sure you are well hydrated before the collection.

Use 2 Q-tips and swab the sides of your mouth and under the tongue with both ends of the Q-tips.

Place the Q-tips in a plastic baggie. Next cut 1 tsp. of hair from the bottom back of your head and insert that into the baggie with the Q-tips.


Freeze this baggie.

Next morning send OVERNIGHT USPS along with the following information included in the package:

Name, address, phone, email address and date of birth. Check or credit card number for cost of test, which is $250.

Send to:   Dr. Joseph Cataldo, ND

               23155 Old US 20 E.

               Elkhart, IN 46516

Please do NOT have us sign for this overnight package.

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