Effective treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. True Focus uses the C.E.D.S.A VITAL Testing method to assure the highest accuracy available. 



C.E.D.S.A. Vital Testing: $275 including a one hour consultation

C.E.D.S.A. VITAL Testing (providing vital information) has a 94% accuracy level. We only use the hands (NOT feet) to check the acupuncture meridians. It's basically a scan of the nervous system to see what is out of balance. The C.E.D.S.A. VITAL program is completely digital and available in our Elkhart, Indiana offices. The cost is $275 for the test and includes a one hour consultation. 


To set up an appointment for C.E.D.S.A. VITAL Testing in our Elkhart, Indiana offices fill out the form below or call us at 574-849-0892. We look forward to helping you.  


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