Effective Eradication of Lyme Disease
Symptoms of Lyme Disease

In our ten years of working with Lyme Disease we have a complete treatment plan which is highly effective.  It involves the use of the TrueRife Overnight Bulb, weekly footbaths and herbal products to build the immune system. Lyme Disease in the US is in epidemic proportions. It is caused by the Borrelia bacteria which lives in the cells not the blood thereby making the current testing protocol ineffective. The C.E.D.S.A. testing we do with the new VITAL program detects energetically the presence of the Lyme Spirochetes and the co-infections. Energetically we can pinpoint the exact virus and bacteria present.

For the serious clients who follow the protocol the complete
eradication of Lyme and co-infections can be accomplished within a year depending on the severity of the symptoms.  Our goal is not to just manage the symptoms, we get rid of Lyme and all co-infections.


Lyme disease can mimic over 300 other disease symptoms including most auto immune and rheumatological conditions, as well as brain fog, insomnia or excessive sleep, memory loss, joint paint/swelling/stiffness, poor coordination, difficulty reading, slow or slurred speech, unexplained chills and fevers, rashes, abrupt mood swings, continual infections, poor concentration, decreased ability to spell correctly, tremors, disorientation, burning/ stabbing pain especially in feet, facial paralysis, GI distress, abdominal pain, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, swollen glands, nausea/vomiting, anorexia, cough, vasculitis, muscle pain or cramps, loss of muscle tone, changes in taste and smell, twitching of muscles, OCD symptoms, panic attacks, neuropathy, tingling, numbness, number reversal, lightheadedness, headaches, migraines, light sensitivity, menstrual irregularities, change in hearing, tinnitus, TMJ, unexplained hair loss, dilated cardiomyopathy, visual disturbance, loss of temperature control.
When in doubt test for Lyme disease using the C.E.D.S.A. VITAL program which we can do with a hair and saliva analysis you collect and send overnight to our office. You will have the results within a few days with a complete report.